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Having a professional bookkeeper takes the stress out of the financial side of your business. If the thought of another looming VAT Return deadline is getting you down, or you would be very happy never to see a set of account books again, then Brighter Bookkeeping can help you.

...and save money

If you already have an accountant you may not be aware of the cost to your business of any errors in the bookkeeping.

A single arithmetical error in an otherwise perfect set of books can take an accountant several hours to find, at charge out rates ranging from £30 to £150 per hour. Accounting records with many errors can cost their businesses hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Karen’s 7 year’s experience as an accountant means that any work produced by Brighter Bookkeeping will be ‘accountant ready’.

In other words, there will be no arithmetical errors; the bank will be reconciled; balance sheet items such as fixed assets, debtors, creditors, accruals, prepayments will be listed, and profit and loss items will be correctly categorised, with any query items posted in one place (sundry expenses), ready for your accountant to discuss with you. This should reduce your overall accountancy cost and allow your accountant to concentrate on providing you with specialist financial advice.

If you don’t have an accountant you may not be aware of all the business expenses you can correctly claim on your VAT and Tax Returns, while also potentially putting yourself at risk by claiming non-allowable expenses that could cause problems with HMRC. For a typical small owner-managed business the savings made by ensuring all allowable expenses are claimed exceeds the cost of the bookkeeping. Brighter Bookkeeping can help you prepare accounts for a fraction of the cost of an accountant.

Take the stress out of doing the books and let Brighter Bookkeeping help you

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