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Don't fear the taxman...

VAT and tax are often the most worrying and difficult areas for many small business owners. And it doesn't help that VAT and tax rules are extremely complex and change every year. It's too easy to get it wrong and pay too much (or too little) tax or miss deadlines. and so get costly tax penalties and, potentially, that dreaded visit from the taxman. It doesn't have to be that way - let us help you with this legislative burden.

With over 20 years of experience we know the rules and will make sure that everything that can be claimed is claimed - so reducing your tax bill. And we will make sure that anything that can't be claimed isn't - keeping you out of trouble with HMRC.

We can help you identify when VAT registration is due, chose the most appropriate VAT scheme, remind you that the quarterly deadline is looming, prepare reconciled VAT returns and help you submit them electronically. We can also provide quarterly management accounts so that you can keep a close eye on the finances.

Every business must submit a tax return every year.

We can help sole traders and partnerships submit their tax returns by chasing you when the deadline is drawing close, preparing reconciled annual accounts, ensuring that all relevant tax allowances are claimed and calculating your tax liability before submitting them.

Limited companies will still need a chartered accountant to sign off your accounts and submit the corporation tax return, but we can help you save money on your accountancy fees by preparing reconciled and corporation tax compliant accounts for you.

Get in touch for informal discussion about your tax needs and stop fearing the taxman.